Are Mvmt Watches Good?

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Are Mvmt Watches Good?

Are Mvmt Watches Good

If you are a fan of watches, you might have come across a MVMT watch at some point. They have either heavily endorsed them or bashed them to the ground. A watch brand with ardent supporters as well as sworn adversaries, is a very divisive one.

But, what about their watches? Are MVMT Watches good? Is the criticism unfair?


Are Mvmt Watches Good

In 2013 Jake Kassan and Kramar LaPlante came up with the idea of the MVMT. The brand wanted to sell watches with unique and minimalist designs at affordable prices. They avoided retail markups by promoting their watches through Indiegogo. Their prices were low compared to other watch brands, but they still put out a high-end vibe.

The brand took off after the success of the campaigns on Indiegogo. In 2016 they branched out into sunglasses, and in the year of 2018, they were acquired by Movado. In addition to its wristwatches and sunglasses,MVMT sells a variety of accessories.

Good-looking and stylish watches that appeal to a younger audience is what the philosophy behindMVMT is. A nice looking watch isn’t always a good one.


It’s no secret that all of its watches are made by Chinese manufacturers. The brand is able to keep prices low by eliminating the middleman and selling directly online, because the timepiece is designed in Los Angeles.

The statement above is one of the most significant issues with the model. The designs themselves aren’t particularly unique or exclusive, and that’s because the middleman is MVMT.

You can find watches with similar and even identical designs in large Chinese retailers like Aliexpress for a fraction of the price. This likely means that the watches have no original designs, and it is clear that there is a huge price mark up that comes with the label.

Where do you think all that money goes? Marketing.

Most Multi-Vendor Marketplaces invest a lot of money in social media promotion and they seek out celebrity influencers to endorse their

That’s probably how you found this brand in the first place!


Let’s take a deeper look at the watches themselves and figure out if the price difference actually comes with better quality.


The design of the watches is one of the main reasons why shoppers love them. Their styles appear to be unique, thoughtful and minimalist on the surface. When you compare them to high-quality minimalist watches from brands like Junghans or NOMOS, The designs are a little generic.

You can find similar watch designs for a fraction of the price. Many of the watches on AliExpress are missing the logo.

That is whatMVMT does… The brand orders a large number of watches that cost a few dollars each, puts its logo on them, and sells them to you for several times the price it paid.


The watches are made from low-carbon 316L STAINLESS STEEL with a hardened mineral crystal. If you know a thing or two about watches, you will know that this is the industry standard and nothing else.

A $10 watch is equivalent to the overall construction and feel of an MVMT watch. Maybe because it costs less to produce.

Another thing to consider is that when you get a new watch, it won’t look as good as advertised. All of the brand’s watches are sleek and shiny. The quality is not as good when you handle one. We don’t know who you are, but we expect our watches to look great.


They claim that their watches have high-quality Japanese quartz movements. These are cheap movements that you can use in a watch. It doesn’t take much to find better quality movements in the same price range as a watch.

The straps on most watches are not exciting. They are made from cheap genuine leather that is hard to break in and can easily look unattractive. Some buyers have complained of discolored straps.

You don’t get what you pay for with anmvtm watch. You get the quality of a $10 watch, but you have to pay a lot more. You can find beautiful and well-built watches from brands with actual horological history for that price.


You have the ability to do whatever you want with your money. If you like the look of the watch, buy it and enjoy wearing it, just remember that it is money worth to buy it.

For us however, this brand is a miss. You get the best value for your money with a brand like MVMT, and there are several other watches with much lower quality for the high price.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the time if you want to steer away from MVMT.

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